Hive Mining

Mine your favorite cryptocurrencies without all the complications.
No heat, no set up, no outlets, no worries.

Your mining rigs are already up and running!

As soon as you’ve set-up your account with us you can start earning your first coins from our Hive Mining service

We Mine For You

Don’t wrestle with rig assembly and hot, noisy miners at home. We have the fastest cryptocurrency mining hardware running for you already

  • Real hashpower to choose from
  • Cheap electricity rates
  • Low maintenance fees
100% Uptime Guarantee

We offer a 100% uptime guarantee*. Whether our machines are running or offline, you are getting paid for the coins you would've mined everyday.

Quality, not quantity

We offer only the most reputable and stable coins. Any cryptocurrency we offer to mine is vetted through a process consisting of many factors such as the maximum coin supply, algorithm changes, ASIC resistance, market stability, volume, community ethics and many more things so that we ensure we are only offering the best products we ourselves would invest in. The focus is on quality, not quantity.

Robust scalable infrastructure

Omega is built on a very strong foundation. On the things that matter the most, we are native-owned and operated in the Quebec region.

Minimal Tax Liability

Section 87 of Indian Act. All of our miners are based on reservation land

Inexpensive Electricity

Québec is one of the greenest places in the world with 99% clean energy

Thoroughly tested and engineered

Experienced with how to set up and deal with the fast moving industry

Large Allocation

Our backers have a lot of land ready to set up and mine on, why deal with companies that are going to set up crates and pay rent which are inevitably going to be passed on to you whether in the form of risk or increased pricing when you can go with someone who already has existing infrastucture?

Cutting Edge Technology

All of our machines are hand-picked and crafted with cutting edge technology for each specific algorithm whether it be Equihash (ZEC) or CryptoNightR (XMR) or even the upcoming ProgPOW proposal for ETH

Not to mention an appropriate location and properly set up warehouse to handle all the heat these machines dissipate.

Ready to start mining on the HIVE?